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I grew up with shepherds and probably will never own another breed. I found Sharobis on the internet and it turned out the kennel was located just up the hill from our house. I called and went up for a visit. The first dog I met was Cade. I remember thinking that having a dog like that was exactly what I wanted. Cade had recently been bred to Breezy so I was in luck! The litter was due March of 2007. I continued to visit Shari and Dave and they were more than happy to let me hang out and play with their dogs and pups. royce german shepherd
royce and boy The facilities at Sharobis are beautiful. Always clean and beautifully landscaped, and the whelping boxes are safe and warm. When my precious boy was born on March 30, 2007, I was like a new mom. I was so excited (not to mention Shari called at 1am to tell me). I think she figured the rest of the world was up then too! I didn’t mind, as soon as I could I went out to see the pups. I immediately chose the “red boy”. He had a red rickrack collar and was the only one howling and crying.

His name is Royce and still is incredibly vocal. He is my pride and joy and I can’t thank Sharobis enough for blessing me with such a wonderful companion. We are active in the Gallatin County Search & Rescue (Bozeman, MT), and have worked many cows together. I highly recommend Shrarobis to those looking for a working dog, show dog, or a companion. They are versatile, loving, and well bred K9’s!


Linsay B.

royce german shepherd 2


Shari truly understands her responsibility to the German Shepherd breed and to the public as a breeder of beautiful German Shepherds for personal companions and family dogs.

Subsequently, she will not compromise longevity, sound temperaments and sound physical health to compete in the conformation ring. However, she has achieved a lovely balance of offering intelligence, breed type and soundness while being successful in the obedience and conformation ring.

Shari truly loves her Shepherds, playing with them everyday. They are regularly bathed and nails clipped and get goodies, toys and lots of lovin’. They are not “kennel’ dogs. She does not spare expense to make sure her dogs are OFA certified for hips and elbows and in good health.

I have listened while she painstakingly discussed who she could breed to, being very conscientious to research bloodlines and not make decisions based on the dogs show results. She will not sacrifice known health issues for a few inches of ground covering stride, which is often the only difference between a conformation show dog and one that is not.

connor 2009


She has stated many times that she feels much joy providing the public with sound, beautiful German shepherds, and she can be proud of her record for soundness while maintaining breed type and movement that is very competitive in the conformation ring. 

Years ago in the 80’s I had lovely German Shepherds and showed in obedience and conformation minimally. My last beautiful litter was sired by “Sharobi’s Parco’s O-Ring Miss” in 1992.   I kept a handsome show quality male who lived for 13 ½ years along with his nephew for 11 ½ years with no health issues in either dog.

After the last 4 years with-out Shepherds, I decided it was time to have them back in my life. The 1st place I called was Sharobi Shepherds. After talking with Shari I knew she still held to the same standards as in the past. I have purchased, without reservation, two beautiful puppies in

Spring 2009 from different litters; a lovely cheerful female, Sierra, and beautiful, handsome male, Conner.

These two pups have been through puppy kindergarten and beginner obedience. The trainer/instructor commented to me that she has had 6 or 7 German Shepherd pups in her classes and it took 5 or 6 weeks before they would not hide under the chairs or behind their owner. She loves these Sharobi pups and has commented on their wonderful happy, outgoing personalities and will attest to their temperaments. Both Sierra and Conner love everybody, play with the other dogs and are wonderful to work with. Sierra at 7 months old and her 1st time at agility, negotiated many agility obstacles with eagerness and a desire to please.  

I am thank-ful I had a trusted source to go to when I decided to share my life with  German Shepherds again.  

 P. Blevins




Sierra growing up.

sierra and connor 2009

Conner and Sierra (2009)


germanshepherd and family

Several years ago my family went to a dog show looking for a dog that would be great for our family.  I have always loved reading about the German Shepherds.  We watched the show ring and asked questions about them.  Several German Shepherd people there referred us to Shari.  They said lots of good things about her and her dogs.  So we got her phone number and went and visited her kennel and were very immpressed.  Soon after we came home with our first puppy.  "Bear" was very quick to learn obedience and he knows several tricks that the kids love having him do.  I don't worry much about our kids playing in the yard or when they are sleeping at night when we have "Bear" around. 

I wanted to get another Shepherd and so I called on Sharobi's again and got ourselves a second German Shepherd.  "Lanie"  is the sweetest dog that will steel your heart when you get to know her.  She also was easy to teach obedience and she is recently learning Agility.  My family and I have enjoyed our dogs immensely.  I would highly recommend anyone to Sharobi's.  She has beautiful dogs with great health histories and fun personalities! 

From the Jenkins in Idaho

Hi Shari. i am sorry it took me so long to write. i have been so darn busy. as far as the 'kid', he is the funniest, most wonderful, smartest dog i think i have ever had. he is so funny and he has a sense of humor! he is a thief! he steals things from me. if i don't get up at 5 am and make coffee, i will be missing a tennis shoe or some weird object no other dog would even think about taking. he was starting to gain weight and get taller, again. sometimes i look at him and it is like he is posing, he is beautiful german shepherd and he is so loving. he is just a wonderful friend to me and he makes me laugh!

Mary ann

marshall gsd

lisa gsd

I purchased my German Shepherd, Neshamah, from Shari Everitt of Sharobi's German Shepherds back in May of 2006.  Their kennels were beautiful, landscaped and meticulously clean.  Their dogs?  The same happy dogs that were in the pictures on the website which prompted me to come to Sharobi's to begin with.  These breeders obviously have the gift.  You can tell by looking at their dogs.  I have been so pleased with Neshamah.  She is a good mover who is beautiful, intelligent, fun, healthy, loyal and excellent with tracking/trailing for search and rescue.  Everything I was looking for in a dog. 

When I decided to breed her in May 2009, I went back to Shari to breed her with Ch Freeway.  I was very anxious about the breeding, because my only childhood remembrance of dogs breeding was scary and awful, and Neshamah was a virgin and slow to warm up to new dogs. 

Thank you Shari - for making my first breeding experience so safe, exciting and pleasurable.  We had such a lovely time at your place and felt so welcomed by both you and Dave.  You treated us like absolute royalty.  I wish I had a video of Neshamah jumping with all four feet in the air, like a bunny, when she saw Freeway for the second time.  I'm thinking it was a marvelous experience for her also.

We'll be back,
Lisa and Neshamah
Bellingham, WA

Meet Hoover, my pride and joy.  Hoover is my third Sharobi German Shepherd puppy; what makes him special is I had the priveledge of spending time with this litter of puppies from the time they were 5 days old and once a week thereafter until I took him home at 8 weeks.  It was indeed love at first sight.  I witnessed first hand the love and care and time spent with these puppies by the breeder.  The puppies were happy and healthy.  Hoover is almost a year now and the reward is never-ending; he is so loving, and great with people.  Thanks to the breeder for all the time spent with the puppies from birth and the weeks that followed. 

hoover gsd puppy
hoover on couch

My 4 ½ year old niece (Makenzie) loves my 4 ½ month old German Shepherd (Hoover) and the feeling is mutual.  Although it is not customary for our dogs to get on the furniture, this particular day when Makenzie came to visit and sat on the couch Hoover immediately jumped up, showered her with kisses and then sat down beside her.  So adorable I took advantage of the moment and this photo opportunity.  Its interesting to note that Makenzie lives in another State and only comes to visit once a month for 2-3 days yet Hoover responds to her like he sees her every day.  I am so thankful he is great with children and I am convinced this is due to the early exposure of the Sharobi puppies to people.

Shadow, our 5 year old Sharobi Shepherd has just been introduced to her new little brother, buddy, and playmate Hoover, our 8 week old new addition Sharobi puppy.   Shadow is a wonderful easy-going, extremely loving dog.  She is a jewel to take places, to groom, and is just plain okay with anything and everything that goes on in life.  When my husband had a major surgery last year, it was Shadow that gave him the most comfort and joy during his recovery period.  She slept beside his bed, continually checked on him, was so gentle and concerned…what a blessing she was.

"Nut'n but Proud"
                    C. Bellis, Richland, WA

hoover german shepherd

Stud Dog Recommendation

We have used Sharobi's stud dogs for at least 12 years and have loved our puppies. Every litter we have produced from their stud dogs have been healthy, beautiful with outgoing wonderful temperaments.

We have a Sharobi’s sired male named Cooper he is a great representation of the German Shepherds that Sharobi’s stud dogs produce. Cooper is going on 12 years of age, he is still healthy and is still so beautiful. Even at this age we are always getting compliments on how beautiful he is. Our clients love the puppies produced with Sharobi and we haven't had any complaints on temperament or health problems.

Our present litter 2010 was bred to Sharobi’s Off Shore Racer “Cade." Referring to top show quality, this is the best litter we have ever produced. These dog still posesse the wonderful outgoing temperament for loving companion homes. This litter has quality structure and movement. If you are a looking to improve your show lines, Cade is a stud dog you should consider. Both Sharobi’s and we at Silverwoods are members of the GSD Club of American and breed by their code of ethics. Only breeding dogs to improve the breed, health, temperament and have been breeding for over 40 yrs.

We highly recommend the stud dogs at Sharobi German Shepherds.

Harvey and Jan LeDoux Silverwood German Shepherds

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